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Good 'ol Carl

On this web site, you will find weekly updated lists of "value" stocks ranked according to the "Trending Value" system in the book "What Works On Wall Street" by James P. O'Shaughnessy.

Hi My name is Carl Brady. I am not a professional investor, not a licensed security dealer or investment advisor. I do have some investment experience, but when I sold my business and retired in 2011, I wound up with no job and a plenty of money. I did not want to go back to work, but I wanted enough income to play golf, take nice vacations, go out to dinner so my wife would not have to cook, make some charitable donations and enough growth to cover inflation. I quickly figured out that I did not know how to do that.

What to do?

Although I had some experience managing a bank's bond portfolio and learned about stock analysis from some really good - old and wealthy - investment professionals, I did not know how to manage my investment portfolio. I didn't particularly want to trust my investments to somebody who might not know any more than I, and who did not share my terror of winding up in a homeless shelter after making a series of dumb investments. So before I invested, I spent a couple of months reading books about successful investors and how they did it.

You can see my reading list on the Details page if you're interested, but I decided to base my portfolio management strategy on the Trending Value Portfolio from the book "What Works On Wall Street" by James P. O'Shaughnessy. This well researched book shows that historically, a consistent strategy of investing in "value" stocks that have positive price momentum was most likely to provide the income, growth and safety that I wanted. I don't follow the strategy religiously. I throw in some "growth" darlings, some mutual funds and some bonds, but in this stock market that is adpting to the electronic service age, a certain amount of old fashioned "value" investing makes a good foundation for my portfolio.

Why do I publish this web site?

I update this web site weekly when I review my investments mainly to remind me to stick with the program. The reason I publish it is because The rules of the "Trending Value Portfolio" are easy to understand, but devilishly hard to calculate. So I figure that since I have to do it anyway, why not publish it for anybody else that might be intersted in using the same strategy. There's no guarantee that the results are accurate, but I was a programmer and database manager before I retired. I get my raw data from, and use a program (aka "App" for you younger people) that I wrote to do the calculations.

Browse around a bit. It's free; no catch. Maybe I'll start charging in the future, but for now it's free. You can sign up for any letters I publish on the Information page, but it's not required. You can find out more about the Investment strategy I use and some results on the Details page.

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