Investment Common Sense

For those interested in dull facts that could make you rich

Hi: †My name is Carl Brady.† I am not a professional investor, not a licensed security dealer or investment advisor. I do have more than 40 years investment experience. Most of that time I have been successful.

How do I measure success?

Well, I have plenty of money to support my life style in retirement and more than when I retired. That's how I measure it. I made most of my money in business, but I take care of it by using a dull investment strategy that is well tested, as safe as it can be and better than average yield.

The strategy I use is from a book I highly recommend, "What Works On Wall Street" by James P. O'Shaughnessy. So, if you want to invest the same way I do, you can buy the book and do what it says or have O'Shaughnessy Asset Management manage your portfolio.

Why do you need this web site?

You will find that ďWhat Works On Wall StreetĒ is easy to understand, but devilishly hard to calculate. So, if you would rather DO IT YOURSELF and not hire O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, you will find my web site is invaluable because I do the calculations and publish the results here weekly.

Browse around a bit. Itís free; no catch. Maybe Iíll start charging in the future, but for now itís free. You can sign up for any letters I publish on the Information page, but itís not required. You can find out more about the Investment strategy I use and some results on the Details page.

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